Affiliated Companies


MAIPAK INTERNATIONAL, INC. (the former Proceed Co., Ltd.)

MAIPAK INTERNATIONAL, INC. and Proceed Co., Ltd. merged to form New-Born "MAIPAK INTERNATIONAL, INC." in Jul. 2017.
You can see that we always provide the best services, making full use of the experiences and expertise gained over the years.

Former companies' business overview
-The former Proceed Co., Ltd. (established in Oct. 1986) :
Performing a variety of the travel-related subcontract operations,
providing manpower dispatching service, printing and publication service of travel brochures, forms,and E/D cards.

-The former MAIPAK INTERNATIONAL, INC.(established in Apr. 1994):
Performing as an agency of issuing air-tickets and providing visa application for travel agency.


Since our establishment in 1974, we have developed a travel service business with a focus on overseas and domestic business trips and group tours, with JXTG Group as our main customer.
The company became part of the M.O. Tourist Co., Ltd. group in 2003 with the aim of "setting up a specialized travel system to provide a better service to customers in a way that responds to sudden changes in the environment".

TRS Travel Co., Ltd.

Established in February 1986, primarily to serve the Toray Group in providing overseas and domestic business travel arrangements;
the company also provides leisure travel services. In January, 2009, faced with a changing travel industry, and to strengthen its purchasing capabilities and competitiveness, the company became part of the M.O. Tourist Co., Ltd. group, and continues to respond to its clients' changing needs.

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